God in Concord

Ralph Waldo Emerson's Awakening to the Infinite


Larson Publications - 1998

God in Concord traces Emerson's private journey to the intersection of the seeking mind with the realm of the Infinite. Emerson undertook this journey without the benefit of tradition. That is, rather than depend on sacred texts, the great books, or the received traditions of his day, he struck out on his own. Each day was an opportunity. Each encounter was a revelation. And insofar as the day was filled with perceptions, it was fruitful.

Emerson's great gift to us was to leave an accurate record of his investigations. Sixteen volumes of his journals provide a rare glimpse of personal, sometimes brutally honest observation. They are a guide for any serious seeker of the truth of reality. What emerges through God in Concord, Geldard's latest study of these exquisite works, is an extraordinary care for the language of infinitude.


"With great conviction and a wonderfully sure vision, Geldard gives us the essential Emerson: Emerson, the spiritual philosopher. There is no question that Americans need to attend to Emerson's thought-now more than ever. It will help us immensely to have this insightful book at our side." -- JACOB NEEDLEMAN, author of Time and the Soul. 

"Geldard carries us to the very center of what makes Emerson so vital and Inspiring." -- DAVID APPELBAUM, editor Parabola

"Richard Geldard has written a magnificent book through which Emerson's teaching once again becomes an instigator." - ROGER LIPSEY, author of An Art of our Own



" . . . Geldard is showing once again how Emerson unites intellect and sanctity: by properly focusing the mind, unity with God can be achieved." - RICHARD BARNA, Gnosis, Fall 1994

"Another beautiful book on the works of Emerson by Geldard. Geldard's commentary on the spiritually oriented themes of Emerson is sober and more important, intelligent. Geldard's books bring dignity to the discussion of a topic that is so often sugar coated with self-help tactics and exotic new age remedies. His commentary is selfless, almost seamless with the works discussed and never takes center stage. This book is truly one that adds quality to an already magnificent Emerson." - DANIEL MCKENZIE

"The book on Emerson I am reading is "God in Concord: Ralph Waldo Emerson's Awakening to the Infinite" by Richard G. Geldard, 1999. It is exquisitely engaging and I see Vedanta all over Emerson's spiritual evolution. I use a highlighter and a pen to mark key passages that parallel this or that verse from the Bhagavad Gita, the Yoga Sutras and key vedic srotas or verses like the ones on the nature of Wholeness "Om Purnamidam..." Even discourse on the nature of time, the world of name and form, the wisdom and charge to pursue your own work -- to the fullest in order to know yourself and the Divine... I mean I'm jumping out my skull here."  - KARL ERB - YogaNexus.com