Parmenides and The Way of Truth

Translation and Commentary

by Richard G. Geldard

 Monkfish Book Publishing Company - 2007 


The Pre-Socratics somehow clarify us, as if those who approach them with inquiry and love are changed. Richard Geldard, author of a marvelous study of Heracleitus, returns here to their world and to the difficult terrain where Parmenides still speaks to us of Being. Geldard's fresh translations of the surviving fragments jump into one's mind.  "Only one account of the Way remains: It Is! Along this path are many signs . . . "  -- Roger Lipsey, author of Have you been to Delphi? Tales of the Ancient Oracle for Modern Minds



Reader's review 


What this world needed was a nice, balanced, introductory text to Parmenides. It needed to be scholarly without being academic, wise without being new-agey. And lo and behold, a book like that is just what Richard Geldard has given us. Of course he is a bit indulgent of his own interests in places, but we can forgive him that for hitting on the Golden Mean, for his very nice translation of the fragments of Parmenides' poem, for his insightful overview of the reactions of others to Parmenides, for his accessible writing style, and for general excellence.  -- King Wolf on amazon