The Vision of Emerson


Introduced and edited

by Richard Geldard



Published by Vega, London


This book has Japanese and Russian Editions



"This series of books offers the core teachings of the world's greatest philosophers, considered for the light their writings throw on the moral and material crises of our time. Repositioned in this way, philosophy and the great philosophers may once again serve humankind's eternal and ever-new need to understand who we are, why we are here, and how we are to live." -- Jacob Needleman, Ph.D. -- Series Editor


Ralph Waldo Emerson's vision of the infinitude of the private individual has served as the bedrock of America's deepest cultural values for more than 150 years. Nothing, Emerson taught, is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind. This inspiring volume takes the reader directly to the depths of Emerson's uniquely American approach to the perennial issues of human nature, revealing him him as both a literary giant and philosopher par excellence.



  • General Introduction by Richard Geldard

  • The Introduction to "Nature"

  • "Plato, The Philosopher"

  • "Compensation"

  • "Spiritual Laws"

  • "Circles"

  • "Experience"