Richard G. Geldard

Larson Publications 2013





"A brilliant, forceful, cogent, eloquent and personal brief for the essential validity of the great Neoplatonic doctrine of ideas, and a wholly believable effort to place Emerson firmly in that tradition."

                                                     -- Robert D. Richardson, Author of Emerson: The Mind on Fire



Emerson and Universal Mind is a commentary based on what Emerson called the central goal of his writing life: articulating clearly the nature and purpose of the human mind. Late in life, in 1871 at age sixty-eight, he was invited by Harvard University to give a series of lectures to a select group of graduate students. He called these lectures the "Natural History of Intellect" and much of the content was published after his death under that title.


Scholars and historians since then have neglected this material, thinking it too obscure or not well-conceived; but in more recent years, interest in Emersonís great project in detailing the nature of mind has increased. Geldardís brief but compact analysis engages us intimately with Emersonís insights and focused attention on the question of mind in the universe.



Library Journal Review of Emerson and Universal Mind


"Geldard's combination of enthusiasm and insight makes this book an ideal entry point into Emerson's philosophy. Readers interest in 19th-century American thought will find it valuable."